Miss Jade Jewels is a pretty “maturish” busty creator.  However, looking at the promotional images, whoever is blurring and blending in photoshop needs to just stop.  The images are to blurry to make out the details of her areolas and forget about seeing any vein structure..  Like why ruin promotional content, i mean this is your brand here, why ruin it?  I just don’t get it, it’s a fixable issue.  But not sure why creators don’t realize this themselves?  Idk, thats really the only gripe that I had.  She’s awesome, I got a good vibe about her, or she wouldn’t be here.  She’s powerful, i’d love to smell her feet after she’s worked all day.  I tend to “drone” on about shit, you are a very pretty creator and I just think you’ll get more subscriptions showing everything, imperfections, no photoshop.  Everything that makes you who you are.  ..and some of us are fetishists and we’re just very specific.  That’s why I wanted to put that in there.  All men are not linear.  Please enjoy the traffic, Goddess!

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